Th' Black Pearl Red Sea

The only authentic Pirate Ship sailing the Red Sea

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Ahoy there me hearties

Come join are happy band of pirates

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Welcome to th’ Black Pearl

Journey back in time to an age when Pirates ruled the high seas on board the only pirate ship sailing the Red Sea.  Her design was inspired by the ‘Black Pearl’ pirate ship from the movie ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’. Sailing along the coast with her huge sails down and being entertained by her rowdy band of outlaw pirates – it is easy to find your inner pirate.

Join one of our regular sailings throughout the week.

For special occasions or group bookings our team of pirates will tailor the trip to suit your needs – weddings – private charters – birthdays – Pirate Style.


У нас был сумасшедший день, незабываемая поездка, не могу дождаться, чтобы вернуться.

Виктор Алексеев    Russia   

Pirates you are sick! we love you all, thank you Egypt.

Daniel Robinson    United Kingdom   

якая паездка! вы дзіўныя.

Dubiana Tatsiana    Belarus   

дякую всім, я дуже подобався, тримай його.

Анастасия Борода    Ukraine   

Thank you guys, Had a lot of fun, see you again!

Sergey Savchuk    Kazakhstan   

Great trip, everything was superb, we enjoyed a lot...thanks pirates.

James Wilson    United Kingdom   

A cracking trip. Snorkeling from the speed boat was fun. Food excellent. Can't wait for next year.

James Card    Scotland   

We adored the day. The Kids Club was wonderful and we got to enjoy the day with the grown ups. Highly recommend

Sarah Michaels    France   

Great Boat - Great Crew - Great Fun!

Janet Hodges    United Kingdom   

Technical Specifications


Sailing Boat

Built 2012 in Egypt

Wooden Hull

34.5m in length

9.15m in breadth


KTA 19M4 Engines x 2

BHP 2 x 700

Air conditioned 

Max Speed 15 knotts 

135 kw Generators x 2  

Pirate Pleasures

Zodiac for easy access

Fully stocked bar and snacks available  

Snorkel Equipment on board

Pirate style black sails


Tour Th’ Black Pearl

Th’ Legend of the Black Pearl

The sea has many a story to tell but none so exciting as that of th’ Black Pearl.  Christened the ‘Cursed Mermaid’, and cursed she be.  Dragged to the deepest, darkest depths of the Red Sea by a giant squid on the eve of Halloween. Her fate known by just a few and our Capt. Jack was for sure in the know.

Now our Captain in need of a ship made a pirate pact with the evil Davy Jones.  Legend does tell that Davy Jones raised her up in return for our Captain’s soul upon his death.