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Enjoyed your trip – tell us about it!

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Pirate Reviews

There is no better way to learn about our trips than to read reviews our Pirate Guests have left.  If you have already jumped on board and enjoyed your day with our Pirate Crew why not Review Us.

дякую всім, я дуже подобався, тримай його.

Анастасия Борода    Ukraine   

A cracking trip. Snorkeling from the speed boat was fun. Food excellent. Can't wait for next year.

James Card    Scotland   

Great trip, everything was superb, we enjoyed a lot...thanks pirates.

James Wilson    United Kingdom   

У нас был сумасшедший день, незабываемая поездка, не могу дождаться, чтобы вернуться.

Виктор Алексеев    Russia   

якая паездка! вы дзіўныя.

Dubiana Tatsiana    Belarus   

Pirates you are sick! we love you all, thank you Egypt.

Daniel Robinson    United Kingdom   

Thank you guys, Had a lot of fun, see you again!

Sergey Savchuk    Kazakhstan   

Great Boat - Great Crew - Great Fun!

Janet Hodges    United Kingdom   

We adored the day. The Kids Club was wonderful and we got to enjoy the day with the grown ups. Highly recommend

Sarah Michaels    France   

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